Updated: Jun 1, 2021

How to unlock that darn hash limiter by NVIDIA

Follow directions as followed and you will be able to unlock the hash limiter on the NVIDIA RTX 3060

"Skipping one step will mess the whole process up."


- Install the GPU in a x16 slot.

- HDMI Dummy Plugs installed directly to the GPU. Do not plug into the motherboard. 4K Dummy Plugs are recommended.

-Motherboard must be set to PCIE lane gen speed 3. Can update this in the BIOS.

-You cant use x1 risers, you can use the ribbon x16 risers.

-You must use the NVIDIA 470.05 Developers Drivers.

-Must use Windows 10. The NVIDIA drivers do not work on Linux, IOS etc.

-If you want more than 1 GPU installed. Your motherboard must support x8 lane speed or more per PCIE slot.

-Skipping one step will mess the whole process up.

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